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Selfwriting Practice Worksheet

My Hadith Book- P1 (Ages 2.5y to 3.5y)

Bismillahhir Rahmaanir Raheem

Allah S.W.T  revealed the Qur’aan to Nabee Kareem  ﷺ  and instructed him to explain it to us. Nabee Kareem ﷺ accordingly explained and showed us the manners of acting upon the Qur’aan. His words and actions are termed as “Ahaadith” (Single-Hadith) Allah S.W.T has ordered us in the Qur’aan to obey Rasoolullah  ﷺ   .
Memorizing Ahaadith helps preserve the teachings of Rasoolullah ﷺ. Nabee Kareem ﷺ      made the following du’a for those who memorize his words:

May Allah Ta’ala flourish a person who hears something from us then conveys it exactly as he hear it- Tirmizee

He also said:
He who preserves  (memorizes) for my followers 40 Ahaadith from my teachings; I will admit him on the Day of Judgement in my intersession (before Allah)

Therefore, it is a great honour to be able to memorize the very words spoken by our beloved Nabee. We should make an effort to practice every teaching of his as recorded in the Ahaadith.

a to z Phonics (All about Phonics)

Alhamdulillah! We all are Muslims. Our learning skills should be based on Islamic-values and ethics. We should have broad spectrum of learning as compared to others.

Our learning areas should be based on Wahi (the supreme revelation of Allah’s words delivered by his chosen individuals known as the Rasul ‘alaihi salat-u-wassalaam). Any logic and senses should be under the umbrella of Shari’a. Any idea, theory, concept and explanation which is against Wahi or contradicts the true meaning and spirit of Wahi is totally unacceptable for us at any cost, such an intention should be diminished then and there.

“a to z letter sounds” work sheets bundle for PREK-2 caters children of ages 3.5 - 4.5 years. These work sheets comprise of  Vowels and Consonants, their phonics, letter vocabulary building,   alphabet letter tracing, letter self-writing, and letter recognition. It has illustrations through which children can easily relate the letter and words too. Worksheet bundle’s main purpose is to polish child’s intellect, communicating, verbal and composing skills.

The worksheet bundle is divided into ten (10) slices. Five work sheets make up a single slice. In 10 slices, we have fifteen (15) assessment worksheets so the children can go through revision of what they have learn and teacher can review learning and picking pace of the children.

Islam is a complete code of life for all the humans. It not only guides us to be on the right path but also indulges us into the learning phases for grooming of our spiritual and social gestures.

Atiq ur Rehman

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